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Watch Out for the Crypto Trio in 2023


Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have a track record of success, and many industry experts believe both have enormous potential for the upcoming year. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), a more recent participant in the field, has already had a significant impact thanks to its groundbreaking decentralized investment platform. From $0.004 to $0.06, it has increased by over 1400% in the last year alone. It is currently in the fourth phase of the presale.


Bitcoin, the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency, was introduced in 2009. Since then, BTC’s market capitalization has been the highest.

When the Federal Reserve declared it would engage in unlimited quantitative easing and lowered the federal funds rate to zero in response to the COVID crisis, Bitcoin’s most recent bull run started in March 2020. Inflation started because of the lengthy and occasionally unpredictable delays in monetary policy, but things now appear to be changing. The price of Bitcoin will increase as a result.

Analysts predict that Bitcoin will triumph in 2023 with ease. BTC is a decentralized hedge against currency depreciation, not against inflation. The value of Bitcoin will increase in the long run.


The creation and execution of smart contracts are made possible by the open-source, decentralized blockchain network known as Ethereum. On top of ETH, smart contracts make it simpler to create decentralized applications (dApps) and automate contract execution.

Last year, Ethereum completed the merge, making it 99.9% more efficient. It removed a lot of the criticism about how much energy ETH consumes.

There are currently over 500,000 Ethereum validators. It made people eagerly await the next update.

Orbeon Protocol

The Orbeon Protocol is a groundbreaking decentralized investment platform that employs fractionalized NFTs to disrupt the crowdfunding and venture capital industries.

ORBN has received much attention thus far due to its intriguing and unique premise. Orbeon Protocol aims to gain a foothold in the venture capital and crowdfunding markets by providing opportunities to startups and investors.

Orbeon Protocol wants to shake up the venture capital industry with fractionalized NFTs-as-a-service, allowing anyone to start with as little as $1. These NFTs are equity-backed investments in new businesses looking to raise capital and build a community.

In just a few weeks, the price of Orbeon Protocol increased by more than 1400%, rising from $0.004 to $0.06. Analysts believe it could increase by over 6000% and reach $0.24 by the end of the presale. Holders of the Orbeon Protocol receive numerous benefits, including staking incentives, voting and governance rights, and lower transaction fees.

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