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Trading without indicators – what does it mean exactly?


Did you know that there is trading without indicators in the Forex market? That any trader out there is able to trade without any assistance of these famous indicators, equally successfully than trading with them? Even though it might be a novelty to you, not only does trading Forex without indicators exist, but it has become widely popular and used among motivated traders. 

The system in which traders are trading without indicators has become one of the most used alternative ways in the Foreign exchange market for achieving trading goals and profits. It has become one of the most popular alternative techniques for trading in the market. 

In order for you to understand how trading without indicators works in the most efficient and best possible way, we will share with you all the necessary knowledge, experience, and advice of experienced Forex traders who have managed to achieve significant success in this way.

What is trading without indicators exactly? 

Trading without indicators refers to a specific way of trading foreign currencies without any help from technical indicators. Instead of these indicators, in this type of trading, Forex traders exclusively rely on price movements on their preferred currency pair. 

Even though trading without indicators isn’t a new big thing, since it’s been around for quite some time, numerous traders have heard about it for the first time. One of the main reasons for it is that the mainstream Forex market undervalued it since numerous traders choose to trade with the help of indicators. 

But before we proceed to trade without indicators and why every trader should try it one day, it’s crucial to know what trading with indicators is. Let’s get to know what trading with indicators in the Foreign exchange market is.

Trading with indicators – briefly explained. 

For the absolute newbies, an indicator refers to a piece of software that assists traders in making relevant trading decisions. Traders in the volatile Forex market use these indicators to predict an asset’s future movement. That asset could be Ethereum’s price, for example.

Keep in mind that indicators heavily depend on a huge number of different technical indicators that are differently called “technical analysis.” While Forex trading with indicators is great, there are certain things that every trader should keep in mind if they want to jump into it. Let’s get to know all the essentials of it. 

What are the main indicators? 

In the volatile Forex market, we have three main indicators:

● Volume indicators

● Moving averages

● Trend indicators

● Time frame indicators.

The majority of these indicators are developed with the help of historical data from a certain period. Technical analysis represents the study of the previous price movement and what effect it has on the price trend. 

With indicators, traders are able to predict all the possible future movements of an asset. Moving averages are the most popular Forex trading indicator since it’s beneficial for finding trends and smooth out price movement. 

However, almost all of these indicators fall behind price. So, let’s get back to trading without indicators, how to do so, why it is advisable, and what impact it has on one trader’s success. 

Why should you try trading without indicators?

 Regardless of your level of expertise in Forex trading and whether you have traded with indicators once or almost never, you would definitely like to know why it is advisable to use this type of trading on the Forex market.

So, why do people choose to trade without indicators? Perhaps the number one reason is that they are in a hurry or eager to trade as fast as they can for whatever reason. Traders who are using  this type of tradingin the Foreign exchange market know how long it takes for it to happen. 

Only to set up these indicators takes approximately a few hours. Plus, it takes a lot of work to identify the most eligible setup. Besides that, indicators are not so easily understood by some traders, especially newbies. 

On the other hand, trading without indicators, i.e., trading price action, is much simpler, faster, and sometimes even more effective if used correctly. If you’re familiar with the Forex market and know all about its perks, it only takes a few minutes for you to start trading without indicators. Time is money, and in the Forex market is especially important, so that’s why enthusiastic traders should try this type of trading. 

How is trading without indicators done the best? 

If you are keen to understand how is trading without indicators done the best, here are all the essentials ways you need to consider:

Chart Patterns
Support and Resistance Levels
Supply and Demand Zones
Candlestick Patterns

Any motivated trader who is eager to start trading without indicators could start using one of these four popular ways. It’s also good to combine these techniques when you get to the point of understanding the know-how of each of them. 

Chart patterns

When it comes to chart patterns as one of the most essential ways of Forex trading without indicators, it is crucial to comprehend that they represent a result of a price movement that forms a particular shape. Some of the most popular chart patterns are:

● Double tops and bottoms

● Head and shoulders

● Wedges

● Triple bottom patterns, and so on. 

They all represent fantastic indicators for a trend reversal, i.e., assist traders in understanding whether a Forex market will reverse. Whether you are trading with or without indicators, you’re required to understand them.

Support and Resistance Levels

Another so-called “non-indicator” is support and resistance levels. These non-indicator levels result from a price action that creates an area that cannot go higher or lower. In these cases, the higher area represents resistance, while the lower one represents support.

Most traders use support and resistance levels to set the strength of the Forex market. Setting the market strong is because it will puncture all of these levels with ease. Once the market isn’t strong enough, it will be difficult for the price to go lower or higher at these levels.

Besides determining the strength of the Forex market, these levels are used by Forex traders who aim to determine the right time for entering and exiting the positions. 

Supply and demand zones

Supply and demand zones are other non-indicators for trading without indicators. Many traders consider supply and demand in these zones to be liquidity pockets once the market reacts. Remember that some professional traders utilize indicators in order to find valuable opportunities. 

While some professional traders only consider using price action. Keep in mind that there is no wrong or right way of trading. Also, if something works for one type of trader, it won’t work for you the other way. Timing is definitely important, however. 

Candlestick patterns

Candlestick patterns are also extremely important because they result from a specific market’s price action, such as the Forex market. These patterns are utilized in the current market’s state.

Among the most popular candlestick patterns are the following ones: 

● Shooting star

● Hammer pat

● Doji

● Engulfing patterns

Why do professional Forex traders use indicators? 

One of the main questions of many traders is why professional traders mostly choose to trade with indicators if trading without indicators is more efficient, easier, and faster. Well, some of these professionals utilize indicators because they help them spot all the valuable trading opportunities in the market.

Other traders, however, exclusively use price action. In any case, it is crucial to understand that there isn’t any universally accepted “best” way of trading. Depending on their experience, most Forex professionals have their particular approach to trading and reasons for doing it one way or another.

All types of traders understand their risk management.

Something might perfectly function for one type of Forex trader, while the same thing will be less crucial. However, one thing that is certain with all types of traders with some expertise is that they understand their risk management and trust their trading systems the best.

Regarding technical analysis, trading with indicators is extremely important for many reasons. However, those traders who wish to explore all the new, faster, and more efficient ways, especially alternative ones, in the market will choose to do Forex trading without indicators. 

Benefits of trading without indicators

Whether you’re doing day trading or any other type of it, it’s crucial to know what are its main benefits. Among numerous others, here are the crucial ones: 

● You’re able to trade with your own analysis 

● It helps you get the full picture of missed opportunities in the market.

● It is also great for seeing things that you’ve missed.

● It helps traders in the Forex market avoid potentially expensive mistakes. 

● It’s one of the best learning tools that any trader could possibly find in the market when trading without indicators since it assists them in improving their skills and, thus, a career in the long run. 

Good luck! 

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