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The Best Financial Moves to Make Now, According to 6 Top Advisors


Top Advisors Share the Best Financial Moves to Make Now | Barron’s

It’s easy to get swept up in how stocks, bonds, or your portfolio performed today, this month, or this year, and that’s especially true during market upheavals. But a longer-term view is required to achieve the most important financial goals. So, as questions swirl about whether stocks have bottomed, when the Federal Reserve might ease back on its interest-rate hikes, and whether a recession is in the cards, Barron’s asked six financial advisors to think long term. Our question to them: What is one smart financial move that readers should make today to set them up for success 10 years from now?

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Kevin Grimes

President and chief investment officer, Grimes & Co.

Bye-Bye, Bear Market? The Worst Could Be Over for Stocks.

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