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Evol Network’s token is trending. What about DRC?


Evol Network is a new promising project that is rapidly becoming popular. This company offers Defi users the ultimate affiliate marketing platform. The team designed it specifically to serve business needs for marketing products or services. This company will do that efficiently and cost-effectively. Besides, Evol Network has a great security system, which is a great advantage.

The team also created EVOL tokens for utility purposes. These coins function in a blockchain ecosystem. The platform plans to reward the community and promotors for various affiliate marketing activities with the EVOL tokens. The company launched the ICO sale on March 15, 2022, but it will end on December 12, 2022. EVOL is an ERC-20 coin, and its price is currently 0.055 USD. However, the token’s value will likely increase after the initial coin offering ends.

Evol plans to offer publishers and advertisers a modern, advanced platform that is secure and transparent. In addition, the company will provide a welcoming community where everyone has the opportunity to participate, contribute and earn. The team chose to base its platform on blockchain technology due to the latter’s numerous advantages. Its main goal is to provide an efficient, transparent, and user-friendly affiliate marketing platform, and the Defi system is ideal for that.  

The team has ambitious plans. It wants to disrupt the online advertising landscape and offer solutions for the significant problems it faces. That includes privacy, advertising fraud, and consent to receiving sponsored messages, as well as the rise of ad blockers. The company believes that this area needs innovation and aims to bring it to the community.

Does this project have potential? 

Evol Network is relatively new, but it has already achieved a lot. The project has an experienced team and a well-developed roadmap. The company works diligently to achieve its goals. Modern technologies are evolving daily. With the exponential growth of the internet, digital and social media has also become tremendously popular. People are spending lots of time online, scrolling websites for news and various info.

Consequently, companies are now spending significantly more on online marketing. More than 4.66 billion people use the internet worldwide. The platforms get revenue from the time they spend on leisure activities on social media and search engines. We come across paid advertisements related to our search almost every time when we read an article on the internet, participate in some form of social activity, or watch videos. These ads passively encourage people to purchase various products or services.

Furthermore, many influencers write blogs, share posts, create videos, and publish interesting content to increase viewership. That also increases traffic on their form of media. More traffic means more income in the form of ads. Most firms pay great sums to promote services or products to those blogs, websites, or other social platforms to sell their offerings. In most cases, the inclusion of an affiliate ensures that many more users hear about the vendor’s product.

Affiliate marketing has many advantages. That’s why it has become so popular in the last decade. With the development of more advanced technologies, demand for online marketing also increased in the digital space. Thus, many individuals and companies joined this system. However, honest investors and developers aren’t the only ones who saw the opportunity. Scammers also decided to profit from the new industry. They use bots (Automated computer programs) and false promoters, gaining money through nefarious schemes.

How will Evol Network solve the fraud problem?

Some companies get a massive payout through the affiliate marketing process. Due to this potential, it became a key business for many investors and vendors. But scammers also try to profit from this industry. They infiltrated the market to the extent that it’s difficult to filter genuine affiliates from fraud ones. Some companies have an especially hard time identifying scammers, like the ones that are not tech-savvy. Such firms typically do not have the processes or systems to determine whether the affiliates they are paying are trustworthy.

Affiliate marketing can bring more profit to companies than social media marketing or search engine promotion. But it also brings many challenges. Studying these problems, Evol Network has developed solutions for many problems that hinder affiliate marketing from achieving its full potential.

The team believes that if we eliminate the drawbacks pertinent to this field, it will change the current marketing plans that the firms utilize to endorse their products and services. Thus, Evol Network started developing a strategy and working on solutions to offer the solutions.

According to the company, currently, there is no active solution that enables consumers, affiliates, and advertisers to resolve the problems associated with Affiliate Marketing. While there are some blockchain solutions available, they are either costly or time-consuming.

Moreover, even if a vendor finds a suitable affiliate, it is sometimes still problematic to negotiate a price, requirement, and reward for marketing efforts, not to mention validating efforts made by the affiliate.

The goal of such marketing is to reach a new audience. Some companies try to partner with multiple affiliates to achieve their promotion goal. But creating the best quality product is crucial to maintain a brand reputation. A bad advertising campaign can easily damage the brand’s reputation. Evol Network will ensure that its customers get the best quality service.

What about the Deep Roots and its token? 

Deep Roots is another great project that attracted investors’ attention recently. Its team had a vision that has become a reality thanks to this project. This company focuses on cultivating intelligence to harvest solutions – the latter range from the impossible to the achievable.

Furthermore, Deep Roots plans to produce different solutions that will be unaffected by the extensive transfer of assets in various decentralized structures. The platform’s innovative and cutting-edge technology will create exciting opportunities for customers and investors. The company will enable people to use blockchain-based solutions in every aspect of life, including food commodities, education, Office Management, Finance, and Business management.

Deep Roots also has a native utility token, DRC, that is quite high-ranking currently. The team launched its ICO sale on November 02, 2022. The sale will end on January 2, 2023. DRC is a BEP 20 token.

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