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Blockchain Technology: How Turkey plans to use it?


Turkey  plans to use blockchain technology. Blockchain initiatives have frequently come under fire for placing too much emphasis on technology at the expense of user experience. Some platforms need users to interact with bitcoin or other challenging blockchain components to utilize them. Users interested in learning more about the blockchain’s concepts. They still need to invest much time. They need this time to learn about the fundamental concepts that underlie the technology. This might be scary or off-putting for many users. Especially those unfamiliar with the technology.

Blockchain projects must carefully assess how they present the technology to their users to address this problem. This may entail giving users interested in learning more detailed explanations of the blockchain’s advantages and how it is used on the platform, as well as tools and support.

Turkish nationals can access online government services, such as taxes and social security, through the E-Devlet portal. The government wants to improve the security and effectiveness of these services by creating a blockchain-based digital identity system.

Turkish citizens can create a distinctive digital identity through the new system, which they can use to access online governmental services. The blockchain will store this digital identification, creating a safe and transparent record of the user’s identity. The government is hoping that by implementing this method, fraud will be decreased and online government services will operate more effectively.

The Turkish government is making a larger effort to adopt new technologies. One of those efforts includes the installation of a blockchain-based digital identity system. Additionally, the government recently disclosed intentions to create a digital currency. It would be issued by a central bank and has shown interest in utilizing blockchain technology to increase the effectiveness of other government services.

In his announcement, Vice President Fuat Oktay said: “We are introducing a new revolution in e-Devlet called “digital identity” that uses a blockchain-based login method. Our inhabitants will be able to access the e-Devlet. They will use their digital identities formed in the blockchain network. Thanks to the login mechanism that will operate within the parameters of the e-wallet application. By growing into a system where users may store their digital information safely on their mobile phones. Online e-Devlet will change into an offline e-Devlet.”

Overall, the Turkish E-Government portal’s adoption of a blockchain-based digital identity system is a good thing. It represents a step forward in using this technology for public services.  Turkish residents will have a better overall experience. Additionally, the Republic of Turkey recently declared that the initial trials of the Digital Lira were  successful. We may anticipate that Turkey will substantially advance blockchain technology this year based on recent pronouncements.

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