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BBCN token is very high-ranking. What does it offer?


BITBCN DAO offers an interesting token – BBCN. Cryptocurrency traders and token hodlers created this investment community to offer golden opportunities to Defi users. This platform will help investors significantly increase their portfolios. At the same time, the BITBCN token (with ticker BBCN) will give traders access to a multi-tiered platform.

According to the team, the BITBCN tokens are fungible utility coins. The company minted them in the Binance Smart Chain. The latter provides great liquidity thanks to its high number of users. Besides, it has the advantage of offering much lower gas costs than the ETH Platform. Still, customers will be able to manage BBCN tokens easily through a Metamask wallet.

The company plans to give clients special benefits at different levels. However, only users purchasing the limited series of NFTs will get them. The team designed these non-fungible tokens to grant voice rights to their holders over the structuring of investment groups, as well as pools.

Moreover, Belobaba, the firm behind the token, launched BBCN’s ICO sale on June 1, 2022. The price of this BEP-20 token will be 0.009 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise 300,000,000. The total supply of BBCN is 2,000,000,000, but only 30% will be available for purchase at this stage.

The company developed 5 tier structure. For each level (from tier 0 to tier 4), BBCN token holders will be able to participate as members. They need to hold the minimum amount of BIT tokens for each level, though. The latter is also the project’s native token. Users can also buy one of the limited series NFTs corresponding to the level if they own BIT.

What are Belobaba’s plans? 

The team wants to create a Launchpad where developers and users will launch selected ideas and projects. The main goal is to assist in the development of the cryptographic ecosystem. However, the members of the BITBCN Platform will also benefit.

The limited series of non-fungible tokens will be available for purchase soon. They will play a significant role in the platform’s game. Belobaba offers exciting and immersive gameplay. Adventurous players who love to participate in fighting and battle campaigns will find it especially diverting. The team created its NFTs in accordance with the military hierarchy of the Ghengis Khan army.

For example, Tier 4 NFTs correspond to army generals. The tokens will go down in ranks until they reach soldiers from tier 0. By purchasing the military rank, users will actually buy tokens. They can exchange them on the marketplace later and profit from the deal. Thus, users will have an opportunity to enjoy a great game and, in the process, amass cryptos.  

 The company plans to reserve five additional Tier 4 NFTs to the ten it will offer for sale later. But the team also mentioned that players wouldn’t be able to use these five additional NFTs in the random drawing as they will represent BITBCN in international Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences.

The team will calculate the proportional allocation to each member of the launchpad Tiers based on the percentage of tokens that each project decides to set aside for sale. Furthermore, the company will give BIT token holders staking allocations. The latter will be proportional to the number of coins they hold.

How will the platform distribute BITBCN tokens? 

The team has allocated 300 million tokens for distribution in Staking to all BBCN token holders. Initially, the platform will give users access to 1.7 trillion tokens out of a total of 2 trillion. As a result, the Staking percentage will be only 17.64%. The company plans to distribute this amount over a period of 3 years. It will do that at a Staking APR yield of 5.88% per annum.

However, the members of the management team of tiers 3 and 4 will be able to decide how many new BIT tokens the platform should mint additionally at the end of the third year. Those tokens will have an exclusive purpose. Thanks to them, the company will continue offering staking rewards to its token holders without negatively affecting BBCN’s future price.

Besides, the NFT holders will receive voice rights in the community. The platform will mint a limited NFT series for each of the levels. However, once it sells the initial number of issued non-fungible tokens, the company won’t create more of the same series with the same rights.

Despite that, NFT holders will be able to exchange and sell these exclusive NFTs to other participants who want to move to the higher level or equivalent Tier of the platform.  

The gamers can start playing at an entry-level and scale by receiving staking rewards for their holdings, buying more BITBCN tokens, or buying a non-fungible token of a higher level or Tier.

How can players use NFTs to move to higher levels?  

After reaching a new level, they will be able to remain only as a participant or migrate to the higher Tier. In this case, players can also purchase a limited series NFT and become a member of the Tier’s management team.

According to the company, the user only needs to own one NFT at one single level. But they can exchange their tokens or own several NFTs for various levels. That will enable other users to purchase tokens and encourage higher liquidity.

Moving to a higher level means getting more benefits. For example, players reaching higher tiers will receive a higher allocation of tokens from various projects launched by the BITBCN platform. They also have the right to participate in mini-pools. Thanks to that, users will directly access a crypto hedge fund designed specifically for accredited and experienced investors.

Furthermore, gamers at the highest levels will enjoy direct access to members of the investment management committee. They will be able to attend virtual meetings, as well as question and answer sessions.

On the other hand, holders of the highest Tier NFTs will take part in limited trips to Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences. They will represent the BIT community, and the company will cover all expenses. Overall, this project offers interesting opportunities and a well-developed roadmap.

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